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We are...

  • tibtag the Pet Tag and dog ID Tag with your photo!

    I quickly found my lost pet thanks to tibtag!

    tibtag für Lotti in der Eckigen Form Tiermarke in der Rechteckigen Form Marke für Kosmo Tierkennzeichnung für Oskar in netter Herz-Form runde Tiermarke für Snoopy. tibtag für Sammy in der Tag-Form Tiermarke in der Rechteckigen Form Tiermarke in runder Form für Rocky Tierkennzeichnung für Boomer in netter Herz-Form klene Tiermarke für Katze oder andere kleinere Haustiere. create yours now


Photo & Shape

Upload your favorite photo, click on the photo and bring it in the right size and position.

  • Click on "upload favorite photo" below, search the photo you want to use on the front of your tibtag on your device.
  • If you drag on the corners you can adjust the size. If you click left mouse on the picture you can bring the photo in the best position.
  • You can do that for each shape  and then choose the shape you prefer.
  • The shape shown in the center will be used for all further steps. You can change the shape again later if you want. Simply click on the Button "photo & shape" in the blue bar.
  • To close this help simply clickt on the cross shown at the top right of this window.


Enter the name of your Pet!



Choose your preferred colour and the most important data fields and enter your data.

  • on the left hand side you can choose the background colour of your tibtag.
  • depending on the shape a different number of info fields can be printed.
  • choose the most importand info fields and enter the data.
  • your data is diplayed in the preview.
  • please make sure that all entered data is correct.


Your tibtag is ready for production.

  • this is how your tibtag will look like.
  • if you want to change something, simply click on the symbol in the blue status bar.
  • to continue with the order klick on "add tag to cart"
  • after that you can configure further tags for your other Pets.
Flip tag

Choose your background color:

Choose up to infotext-fields:

of chosen.
Price incl. 19% tax. free shipping

One moment please... your tibtag will be saved.

Why tibtag?

individual design

different shapes and colours  - choose your favoured tibtag design

You can create your tibtag yourself

Your tibtag is designed by yourself. There are different sizes, shapes and colours available. A picture or any graphic and the name or any other text of your PET on the front and different important details on the reverse. This makes sure that your beloved PET will be back to you as soon as possible in case it's lost.

picture and name of your PET

so that the finder can call your PET by its name

You can create your tibtag yourself - with picture and name of your PET

Choose any photo or any graphic of your beloved pet and upload it with your PC or Smartphone. It will be printed in high quality and brilliant resolution on the tag. If you enter the name of your animal, it can be called by its name - this creates confidence.

Tax- and registration tag

Only one tag contains all important information.

You decide which information are most important.

depending on the shape of the tibtag, there is a different number of data fields you can choose from on the reverse to have the most importand info on your tibtag. You can choose which data is printed on the reverse side of your tibtag. Phone numbers, address, tax number, Tasso registration number and other. Further important information can be stored in your pet's profile which can be checked on our website using either the QR-Code or the printed unique code of your tibtag.

tax and registration tag

You may put all relevant data like tax- , chip- or transponder-numbers on the reverse of the tibtag. Now you can remove all the other metal tags from your pet's collar.

Your pet's profile free of charge

All important additional information at a glance.

You can create your pet's profile yourself - it's free of charge

Via your customer login you can enter more information about your pet. Important medicine, special behaviour or the necessity of special treatment can help the finder to react correctly. The information can be read by scanning the QR-Code printed on the tag. The QR-Code is readable with modern smartphones and suitable QR-Code readers. 

No more clashing

tibtag is almost silent and not disturbing your pet while moving.

no more clashing

Your tibtag is made from high quality special plastic and all important information is  covered by a crystal clear layer. There will be no disturbing noise when your pet is moving. If you choose e.g. the tax-number to be printed on the tibtag, it can replace the metal tags. The result is - silence.

Easily created

It takes only a few minutes to create your pet's tibtag on PC or Smartphone.

it's really simple to create your tibtag

Creating an individual tibtag takes you only a few minutes. Approximately two weeks later you'll receive the individually produced tibtag and you can outfit your pet with it. Start creating your tibtag right now!

High quality and long-lasting

Made from high-tech material with crystal clear protection layers

tibtag ist made of high quality materials and long-lasting due to crystal clear protection layer

tibtag is made from high-quality materials and all your information is covered by a hard crystal clear protection layers on front and reverse. These layers are UV resistent and ensure that the data printed on tibtag can always be read properly. tibtag is waterproof and long-lasting.

Individual production

the production starts immediatelly after you placed the order

individual production

your tibtag is produced individually for you with your graphic and your data. The production process is complex and takes round about 2 weeks. Thanks for your patience. It's worthwhile.

„We are entirely happy! The tibtag dog-ID was sent really quick and looks great.“

Karin S., Hamburg

„This dog ID is perfect. All data is clearly readable. And it does look really nice! ;-)“

Bernd M., Lemgo

„The photo of our little darling looks wonderful on that dog-tag, we are often approached by people when we walk the dog. I think I'll order another one!“

Carina P., Riesa